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Don’t just walk, WALK WITH POWER! Our Walk with Power class lasts 60 minutes and consists of a great cardio workout and a full body strength and toning workout all in the one class. The great thing about this class is that it is relatively low impact – you are not expected to run or sprint or jump, but you will still get a medium to high intensity workout (that depends on you!) and you will burn loads of calories. We do this by showing you good power walking technique and incorporating plenty of intervals and strength exercises. Plus, we’ll make sure you have some fun along the way working out with a brilliant group of like minded women with a common goal.

Our Walk with Power classes will typically consist of power walking some great routes around Yorba Linda where we incorporate interval training into your workout. We will be stopping periodically during our power walk to work on strength and toning exercises which will get your heart pumping and your butt and thighs burning! We call this component of the work out "POWER SCULPT!" We finish the workout with 15 minutes of weights and/or resistance bands, focusing on calorie-burning compound moves and toning your arms, back and abs!! We make sure you cool down and stretch at the end of class to increase flexibility and prevent injury.

"I do boot camp, I bike, I run, swim and lift weights but I always fit in my Walk with Power workouts. I have started my “Walk with Power” program because I want to show women that they can get a great workout and really enjoy it without thrashing their bodies and being super sore for days afterwards! GET OUTSIDE! Clear you mind and have fun!! There are so many ways to be fit and healthy. In my opinion, Walk with Power is the most sustainable way to do it! Come Try Our Classes for Yourself. If you like it and sign up for 4 weeks, the first week is on me! Sign up for 12 weeks and I’ll give you 3 weeks free! Go For It!" -Sophie



Incorporated into every Walk With Power Class is what we call "POWER SCULPT!". This gives our clients the opportunity to focus on strength and toning the butt, thighs, arms, back and abs. We hit every major muscle group every single workout! The Power Sculpt component of our Walk With Power classes sets us apart from any other power walking workout and it's why this class is so effective! Even if you do your own walking or other cardio, our Walk With Power & Power Sculpt Class is a great way to add the all important and often neglected strength component into your training.